英会話1 (日常の会話) 

日常の挨拶 初対面の会話 訪問の会話

 元気?  How are you ?
 How are you feeling ?
 元気にしてる?  How's your life?
 (返事)→  How about you ?
 And you ?
 みんな、元気かな?  How is everyone ?
 どうしてた?  How's it going ?
 How's everything ?
 How have you been ?
 How are you doing ?
 最近どう?  What's up ?
 What's new ?
 What's happening ?
 お元気そうですね  Good to see you.
 お久しぶりです  It's been a while.
 「それ以外は」を使って  but other than that
 I'm really busy at work,but other than that, I'm good.
 I have pretty bad allergies, but other than that, I'm good.
 「・・ですが」を使って  though
 Not bad. I have a cold a little,though.
 別に何も  Nothing special.
 Nothing much.
 Nothing (in) particular.
 Not much.
 普段と変わらない  Same as usual.
 まあまあ  Can't complain.
 悪くない  Not bad.
 まあまあ  So-so.
 最高!  Couldn't be better !
 良い  Fine.
 結構いいよ  I'm okay.
 Okだよ  Not much.
 元気でやってるよ  I'm doing okay.
 あまり良くない  Not very well.
 Not so good.
 最悪  I'm feeling terrible.
 悲しそうね  You look sad.
 憂鬱そうね  You look ssed.
 疲れてるの?  You look tired.
 何かあったの?  What happened to you ?
 どうしたの?  What happened ?
 What's wrong ?
 だいじょうぶですか?  Are you okay ?
 何か(問題が)あったの?  Is something the matter ?
 それは残念だったね  I'm sorry to hear that.
 お悔やみ申しあげます  Please accept my condolences.
 ご愁傷様です  I'm sorry for your loss.
 残念ですね  That's too bad.
 It's a shame.
 君のせいじゃないよ  It's not your fault.
 お気持ちはよくわかります  I know how you feel.
 頑張って  Good luck.
 元気を出して  Cheer up.
 無理しないで  Don't work too hard.
 Don't wear yourself out.
 Take it easy.
 ちゃんと休んでね  Get some rest.
 お大事に  Take care.
 (会社に)行ってきます  I'm off (for work).
 See You.
 お先に  I'm off.
 行ってらっしゃい  Be good.
 Take care.
 Be careful.
 ただいま  I'm home.
 お帰り  Welcome home.
 You're home.
 今日はどうだった?  How was your day ?


 Where are you from ?  I'm from Japan.
 What country are you from ?  Japan.
 What is your nationality ? (国籍)  Japanese(日本人)
 Where are you from in japan ?  Hiroshima.
 Which part of Japan are you from ?  Hiroshima prefecture.
 日本のどこですか? →  What part of Japan ?
 それは何県ですか? →  What prefecture is that ?
 名古屋はご存じですか? →  Have you ever heard of Nagoya ?
 What train line are you on ?

 I'm on the Yamanote Line.
 What station are you near ?

 I'm near Shibuya station.
 駅から歩いて3分です  It's a three-minute walk from the station.
 市街地まで車で10分です  It's a ten-minute drive to downtown.
 もう一度お名前を言って頂けますか  May I have your name again ?
 もう一度おっしゃって頂けませんか  Could you say that again ?
 Could you repeat that ?
 Please repeat that.
 What did you say ?
 Once again , please.
 もう少しゆっくりお願いします  Would you say that more slowly please ?
 Could you say it more slowly ?
 それを私に説明してくれませんか  Could you explain it to me ?
 どういう意味か教えてくれませんか  Could you tell me what it means ?
 Could you tell me what do you mean ?
 あなたの言っていることがよく判りません  I don't understand what you are saying.

 よくいらっしゃいました  I'm glad you came.
 Thank you for coming.
 招待ありがとうございます  Thanks for inviting me.
 こに来られて嬉しいです  I'm glad to be here.
 お久しぶりです  It's been a while.
 久しぶりですよね  It's been a long time, hasn't it ?
 2,3年ぶりですね、たぶん  It's been two or three years, I think.
 おくつろぎください  Make yourself at home.
 どうぞ、ごゆっくり  Please take your time.
 ご自由にお取りください  Help yourself.
 もっと召し上がってください  Have some more.
 どうぞ、始めてください  Go ahead and start.
 何飲まれますか  What do you want to drink ?
 何か飲みませんか?  Why don't you have a drink ?
 温かいお茶をお持ちしましょうか  Would you like some hot tea ?
 お茶のおかわりはいかがですか  Would you like some more hot tea ?
 はい、お飲み物をどうぞ  Here's your drink.
 どんな味でしょう  I wonder how it'll taste.
 お手すきの時に(時間のあるときに)  When you have a chance,-----
 ゆっくりでいいですよ  Take your time.
 よくご存じですね  You're so well informed.
 お水をください  May I have some water ?
 窓を開けてもらえますか  Would you open the window please ?
 生ビールにします  I'll have a draft beer.
 もうけっこう, 節食中ですから  No more, thanks, I'm reducing.
 もうお帰りですか?  You're leaving already ?
 もっとゆっくりしていけばいいのに  I wish you could stay longer.
 もう少しいられませんか  Can't you stay a little longer ?
 そんなに早く帰らないといけませんか  Must you go so soon ?
 行かないといけないんです  I've gotta go.
 I'm sorry, I have to go.
 もう行く時間です  It's time to go.
 そろそろ失礼しなければいけません  I must leave soon.
 おいとましないと  I'd better be on my way.
 来てくれてありがとうございました  Thanks for coming.
 何のお構いもしませんで  I hope you had a good time.
 たまには連絡くださいね  Don't be a stranger.
 連絡を取り合いましょう  Keep in touch.
 いつでも電話してくださいね  Call me anytime.
 またいつか会いに来てください  Come see me again some time.
 また会えるのを楽しみにしています  I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
 お会いできて良かったです  It was nice meeting you.
 ~さんに宜しくお伝えください  Say goodbye to ~.
 Please give ~my regards.
 それでは、またいつか  See you again sometime.
 ~したいのですが・・・なのです  I'd like to ~ but・・.
 残念ながら~なのです  I'm afraid that ~ .
 申し訳ありませんが~なのです  I'm sorry, but ~ .
 お待たせして申し訳ありません  I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
 I'm sorry for being late.
 I'm sorry I'm late.
 そんなに長く待っていません  I wasn't waiting that long.
 It wasn't that long.
 何にそんなに時間がかかったの?  What took you so long ?
 時間かかりすぎ!  Took you long enough !